Why Last Best?



MARCH 30, 2015

Why Last Best

What does Last Best mean and how is the Last Best campaign still relevant today?

Stumbling upon this campaign poster really galvanized our identity at Last Best Brewing & Distilling – it comes from a time when Alberta was establishing its roots and recruiting settlers. At the end of the 1800s, Alberta was raw and unsettled and the prairie region was founded on risk-taking and hard work. Alberta truly encompassed the Last Best West motto, it was the last great opportunity for anyone who would take a run at it.

Today, all those risk takers that founded this great province/region have been heavily rewarded – Alberta is a world leader in oil production, agriculture and farming. So what does this have to do with beer? There are over 375,000 acres of barley grown in the Calgary region.


We are lucky enough to live within a sea of the best two-row barley available for brewing and distilling. Malt-grade barley grown and malted right here in Calgary is consistently shipped to the world’s best breweries and distilleries who then make beer and whiskey that we energetically buy back. Currently Alberta supports 14 craft breweries in comparison to British Columbia which is home to 90. It is safe to say that Alberta is grossly underrepresented in the craft beer game. This is why the name Last Best is relevant; Alberta is the last best place in the world to build a brewing industry.

We have the privilege of providing world class beers in a city that has been long overlooked. Last Best Brewing & Distilling aims to become a strong voice in the conversation that will put Alberta beer on the global map and set the stage for global whiskey ascendency.

– Soc

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