Our First Rodeo




NOVEMBER 01, 2015

Our First Rodeo

It’s been explained that you’re either stampeding or you’re not… not stampeding? It seems weird that there is a percentage of the community that doesn’t “stampede”. We are elated with the opportunity to dip our toes into such an amazing community event; this is the single biggest hurrah in Alberta and it is fun. So how does Last Best fit into this well-established hoopla? Furthermore, how can we do it in the most Last Best way? We are well aware that this is “Our First Rodeo…” so it seemed clear that we needed to embrace our naivety and step right in.

Last Best has decided to celebrate our first stampede by releasing a very limited offering of 4 new beers inspired by a country song. The song was written by an old cowboy poet and seemed to offer some funny insight* to reflect upon during the festivities. And in the true spirit of the Calgary Stampede we found it only fitting to host a pancake breakfast, to wind things up, and thank everyone who helped us celebrate our maiden Stampede. It then seemed appropriate to invite our only friend who knows the lyrics to “wagon wheel” to play almost every day. Not the most original, but it will be fun and it isn’t our place to reinvent stampede.

*suggestions within the lyrics and views of the song writer are not necessarily held by Last Best Brewing & Distilling

We proudly present our stampede beers inspired by an old country song. Please enjoy the beers and not get too hung up on the names.

FASTER HORSES abv 3.5%, ibu 16
A sleeker, faster session version of Show Pony. Oats and rye to fuel wins at the chucks.

YOUNGER WOMEN abv 6%, ibu 18
A spicy Belgian blonde with a hint of farmhouse tartness.

OLDER WHISKEY abv 7.4%, ibu 26
A scotch ale brewed with peated malt and rye, then aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

MORE MONEY abv 8.7%, ibu 115
An intensely fruity imperial IPA with so many hops it almost broke the bank.

And one last Last Best PSA:

Stampede has always been an amazing booster for the community of Calgary, and corporate partnerships have contributed tremendously to the success and growth of the event over the years. The partnership between Budweiser and the stampede is a perfect example of how big beer can contribute and grow such important community initiatives. All that being appreciated, we feel that some of the smaller local beer providers should get some Stampede representation. Calgary has developed a strong and growing craft beer industry, and local craft breweries are producing some of the best beers in the country. We firmly believe that Stampede is an amazing opportunity to recognize and celebrate these products through support in the form of a small local beer garden on the grounds. This will never be possible without public support so we ask you to help raise awareness by using #Raiseyourhops to let people know that craft beer belongs at stampede.

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