Calgary International Beer Festival Time!



APRIL 24, 2015

Calgary International Beer Festival Time!

Last Best beerfest

So May is basically here and that essentially means one thing to beer fans in YYC… Beerfest! May 1st and 2nd will see the BMO Centre overrun with beer, food, music & a whole lotta “happy” people.

When you go to a beer festival you’re presented with a great opportunity to try out a bunch of new beers that you have never had before. Since the sampling size is only 4 ounces you don’t have to worry about committing to something that you aren’t sure about. So you know that Imperial Chocolate Espresso Stout with Cayenne Peppers that you spotted, go have at her! Who knows, you might just find some new favourites.

It is also a great opportunity to talk to people who work in the industry. Is there a particular brewery that you are psyched about? Are you interested in the craft beer industry? Well go chat up some of the people working at the event. Chances are they’ll be happy to take a few minutes to talk beer with you. Most of them kind of take a shine to beer.

The Last Best Booth

Ya, I’ll be at the festival with some of my fellow Last Best peeps. We’re going to be bringing all of our core beers to pour. So that includes: There Will be Porter, Dirty Bird, Last Best IPA & Show Pony.

Plus, since I am a fellow beer geek and know that I like trying something new, we’re going to be bringing a pin (20 litre cask ale) for each of the days. Beer Geek Tip: The pins will be a sneak peek at a beer that is only scheduled to be released in July. So show up early if you want to get in on these!

Grab Your Tix

Make sure to grab your tickets and prepare yourself for a good time at the start of May. To purchase tickets and sample tokens go to Calgary International Beer Festival.
Cheers and I’ll see ya there!

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